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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, there is still hope in this world.

I cannot believe my eyes when people actually helped. And help did come in a timely manner indeed.

Was on my way back after work today holding a bagful of groceries in a paper bag. It gave way, and I was like thinking... Maybe I should just leave those stuffs on the floor and go home... Since I have no more bags to hold those stuffs...

Then came 4 ladies who started picking up the stuffs one by one for me... One of them mumbling that my bag tore...

I replied that indeed it had and I have no bags to hold those fruits and stuff...

Then a kind elderly lady walked over and gave me her paper bag... Saying that I could use hers... It was a little small... But I told the young lady helping me pack that it was better than nothing. She smiled.

Then that same elderly lady came over again and handed me another bag... "na, this one bigger," she said.

I was soooooo grateful. To everyone who'd helped. I had thought that civic mindedness and kindness no longer existed in the hearts of singaporeans... Yet these ladies proved otherwise. I'm gladly ashamed that i'd been wrong about my countrymen. There are, in fact, people amongst people who are still warmhearted, and helpful.

In the heat and hustle and bustle, five kind souls had managed to extend their arms out to me and warmed my stone cold heart.

I'm not the only one who thinks of helping people in need, I'm not the only one not embarassed to be in awkward positions just to bring aid to strangers, I hope I'm not the only one who has gotten help and wants to pay the kindness forward... And continue this marvelous chain of kindness to random strangers.

I'm keeping the warmth in my heart, don't anyone dare cool it down again. Cheers!