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Monday, June 21, 2010

Peace in the heart? Where do I get peace from?

Is it something internal? Something that comes from the will of the mind again? Because if it is... then I'll never have peace until I learn to be strong willed.

I'm so frustrated all the time. I think its not because of all the people around me... its me.

I'm the one with the BIG problem. Definitely.

When can I finally realize that sometimes sub-standards and inefficiencies are the way of life in some people? Or, should I rephrase that I've already realized this... when can I ACCEPT it? OMFG... this is so frustrating.

Then there's human interactions and relationships... how do you handle everyone with courtesy and respect?

Maybe I should start respecting myself to begin with.

... before I start demanding people to RESPECT me. Is it so difficult? To see me as a person with feelings; brittle heart?

I need a shrink.

Clear my clotted pea brain for a bit.

I'm quite sure the problem lies with me.

And I feel so bad for making it hard to endure for my loved ones...

I need. To. Find. Peace.