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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life. As it is. In your face.

It's a do-or-die thing. Many a time, we are left with no choice but to take what we are given. And make the best out of what is.

I'm cool with this theory. Well basically I'm just the sort of adaptive person who could simply recreate stuffs out of other stuffs that I don't necessary need. You see, with people, all I have to do is to create an environment where I could make them feel important, needed, appreciated. And there you have it - an ally out of a stranger.

With tons of work piled up on my desk - well to put it simply... They are just challenges that make me useful and more resilient; even if it means I'm doing other people's work. Hey, one of these days I'm bound to be rewarded with my diligence; in my afterlife if not this human life. Rofl.

I just don't understand why I couldn't take this mentality and use it with my personal life - relationship. Totally sucks.

How do I let go of the hatred?

If I were that philosophical and intelligent, I would've psycho-Ed myself into believing that everything is as good as it gets; if not better.

So unfair for him to remain trapped in my hatred. Even though he seems quite happy to move on.

God I'm talking to You now. Give me a sign, show me how. So I can stop sleeping on my sofa at night. And please make the stupid nightmare go away. Hate to see that skinny naked body every night.