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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wasn't wrong, but I'm sorry.

I just wanted to write on Isaac's PTC worksheet, and when you asked me what I'm doing, I told you.

I didn't cause you to jam on the brake violently and almost hit the vehicle in front of you...

I was... simply minding my own business... I wasn't even teaching you how to drive like you always do to me.

Felt so wronged.

Never mind.

On a brighter note...

I had nightmares again... but its not so bad this time around. At least I woke up not feeling so so sad. Only sad.

On an even brighter note...

I'm pregnant. Kidding

Its not funny I know, but I thought a lame joke would kill my lousy mood for a bit.

Seriously, I have enough on my plate to even worry about being wronged for an E-brake in the morning.

... like when am I going to lose some more weight... how is it that my hair is not long enough... and all other bimboitic stuffs.

Incidentally, I chanced upon the answer to the question I asked God this one time... about where to find peace...

Apparently His answer to me was that peace cannot be found on earth. It must come from God. Only in Him would I be able to find true peace, and not something transient.

And so I've started to psych myself up on this very mentality - that for all other things not in my control, I'll leave it to Him. He'll settle everything the way it's supposed to be.

Your anger...

Our marriage...

The children's health...

My life...

You know that its a lot to manage, right God?

And there are a whole lot of disasters in this world waiting for You to hold up...

I wish You would just delegate the chores to me... like... teach me how to manage on my own... sigh.

I'm so useless.

When did I become like this?