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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog entry I didn't manage to post yesterday due to connections problem. Starts after the line break.


If connection is down... this post shouldn't be up. Well I'm just testing it out. It's been a while I've actually sat in a coffeehouse, sipping a cuppa and writing.

Actually I need to update a new blog. Fix some templates problems and revamp this current one as well.

Oh yes, about the new blog... totally impersonal and 100% business-related. Yes, I'm in the midst of starting a business. Don't wish to sit my ass on it for too long lest the enthusiasm dies off like my previous business plan; I couldn't even find the missing proposal I've typed out three years ago!

Let me explain...

I'm always keen on starting something with what I already have: a skill, objects, my brain, et cetera. Sell it to the world beginning from my mother country, Singapore.

This one... this new baby... I think is so going to sell like hot cakes, no logistics issues, no need for a headquarter, minimum startup cost.

Still in the midst of typing out the proposal. Something I always do yet show no one but Chris. Somehow I think people would laugh at the content.

Already doing some grounding work before the proposal is even finished; Chris is telling me that I'm being impractical.

Since when have practicality been MY way of life? I usually go with the flow of life, the flow of my freaking crazy brain, and gut. Oh, the gut is the killer.

And the GUT thinks that this is so going to WORK OUT.

Digressing a little...

I need to apologise to the fat man driving a red Toyota Altis who snatched my husband's parking lot at Kampong Java.

Because you did that, my husband got angry AT me and I in turn got real MAD at you... so I did something bad. (it couldv'e been worse - I'd wanted to smash your windscreen actually) I twisted his side mirror. It's not going to get damaged, just went out of shape a little. All you have to do, MR FAT MAN, is twist it back in shape. It might get a little loose, but you could tighten it with a screw driver when you get home.

In addition, I need to apologise to the rubbish bin at Kampong Java Park. Yes, you, the one one nearest to the pavement leading to the carpark... I'm sorry I kicked you so hard. Thank god you were made of concrete (who the hell made rubbish bins out of concrete, I'm baffled) and I think my slippers hurt much more than you.

And I'm sorry to you, Swensons signboard... for kicking you too. You were too tempting to be left out of my punching bag list. But I think you deserve it for not allowing us access to powerpoint even though we were willing to pay a freaking $50 to dine at your premises.

Finally... I'm so freaking sooooorrrrrryyyy to myself... sorry to my brain cos I think I'd burst a few vessels; sorry to my heart cos I think it was really overworked for that half hour; sorry to my nose cos I suddenly had this compulsive desire to rub it till its so red.

I just need to clarify; I'm not sorry to the man who SORT OF triggered my violent behavior... by SORT OF, I meant to take full responsibility for my behavior, and not blame it on you. I allow my anger to escalate beyond control, so yes, you are not to be blamed. Still, no apologies to you because me being your punching bag is still a reality, and I HATE being a bag.

Especially a PUNCHING BAG.

A punching bag is FAT.


I haven't even got to the part where you said I could afford to lose a little weight, last night.

From now on, I'm so not going to eat and be super stick thin.

Come 1st July - I will not be able to fit into all my pants, because I'm going to be so freaking skinny.

FYI, all your previous GFs WERE skinny; especially the LAST one.

I was the only STRONG-LOOKING one okay?!

Oh never mind!

Freaking pissed right now.

But I'm not going to let this affect my mood.

Because being happy is to find the state of being - the transition of life and godliness... And it has nothing to do with what is happening in this freaking lousy dimension.