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Thursday, April 1, 2010
Stupid blog

I wonder what's wrong with me these days...

Seriously, I need to reboot my brain system so I can clear my head of food.

Let me explain... I think I'm trying to gorge myself silly. With snacks. It's like... The last bid for redemption, the final hour for eating. Come tomorrow... I'm so going to starve.

I actually finished the whole pot of dessert I've made cos he fell asleep on the sofa. Knew he's not going to wake up again and the food would go to waste..

Not to mention the five table spoons of rice with meat...

I'm so bloated now... This would never have happened if I were of sound mind. Cos I know it'd take another two days before I could get rid of the extra pound this evening's food is gonna pile on me.

Maybe I should consider a muffler or something... Is it called a muffler? The one that you put on dogs to prevent them from biting? Enlighten me, please do.

My eyelids can't stay open as I'm typing...

Crap, we can be so tired these days! Both of us are always taking turns to doze off on the sofa!


Bringing Isaac and Ian to ikea tomorrow morning! It's been a while since the boys went out as a complete family with us, the parents...

Hope all three boys sleep well tonight so none would be grouchy tomorrow morning!@@

On a different note... My thighs are gigantic!