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My Tw|t Garden
Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spending a nice quiet Sunday afternoon with chris and the younger son. At home. I wish I could say I love my home as much as I love the boys... But alas! I hate it. As much as I hate rude aunties who cut queues.

I'm so looking forward to moving come year end. When we get our ideal flat in the most ideal location for us. I just wanna get out of this godforsaken place where memories hurt and suck the life out of me all the time.

I wanna imagine starting all over with the man I love, with the world's most adorable pair of sons anyone could have... And of cos, with the best helper an employer would dream of. Gotta work hard at our lives... Cos you don't get nothing if you don't work hard.

I'm so glad I still have him around to take care of me and love me. Even though we squabble all the time and hate each others gut so much... Even though he reminds me of bad stuffs...

He is still the one I miss everyday when I'm at work... He is still the man I hope to see when I wake up in the morning... He will forever be the one I pine for, even though I dream about other men sometimes... ROFL!!!!

He has given me so much, and doesn't mind that I'm asking for more... I should learn contentment, and not just speak of it. Sigh.

Would I ever be contented?