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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Procedure at 8am, that's why I already work bound at this hour. I think I fell asleep last night amidst a discussion with chris about love.

Sometimes I wonder if he loves me... Or he loves himself more. I know he feels sad when I say things like this, but I really wonder and somehow needed to hear from him. Nevertheless, I don't think he'd know the answer... Even I am stumped by it. Do I love him or myself more? If I love him more, why is it that I feel hurt and demands things from him when it's beyond his comprehension and sense to do so?

He is afterall a man. A man who is used to an individualistic life of normality. A man who chose to give up this individualistic life for a life less exciting and more emotionally challenging.

But I have needs, and I have to admit, the need for these needs to be fulfilled has heightened because of what had transpired... And the sense of it all dawned on me bit by bit... That I am afterall...

Just a woman.