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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poor Isaac is really terrified of me... I could instill fear in him with just one stern stare.. He gets all insecure and whiny after that. All the time.

The poor chap dare not even cry out loud after my stare. He has been warned of consequences multiple times. So he stifles his cries with whimpers and coughs. Yes, coughs. OMFG it irritates the hell outta me; those coughing sounds.

But on hindsight, I should be glad he's not that kind of kid who screams and shouts and throws massive tantrums. Well at least not at me; to his grandparents exclusively. Sigh. The pampered grandson...

The poor boy was whining for a hug after my vicious stare; he was being difficult and argumentative.

Sometimes I wonder if all these stares are as evil as corporal punishment; he seems genuinely petrified. I guess when the person you love suddenly gives you the cold shoulder, you'd feel the same... The feeling of impending abandonment and removal of love.

What else could've been done then; to tame a four year old without hurting him both physically and emotionally?

Alas, it all boils down to keeping the equilibrim. Of love, affection and discipline. I think the affection portion was not very generously given these days... He seems deprived of it.

Must make a mental note to take care of that 'department'. The poor boy deserves it.

Then there's the littlest one... He's been keeping me awake for almost two weeks now... The nights are terribly agonizing and tiring... I hope his teeth sprout out soon... He needs his sleep otherwise he'll lose weight soon...

Oh yes, (no I did not forget the eldest man) he's way too exhausted as well. Dropping off to sleep as soon as we get home, finished dinner...

Is still asleep as I am writing.

I have absolutely no energy left to take care of his finer needs like massages and facials... What is freaking wrong with my deteriorating stamina... I used to do without sleep for days stretching up to one full week... Now I can't even withstand one night...

Maybe red bull could help...

I heard it gives you wings... ROFL