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Friday, April 23, 2010

Okay, so I'm still the anxious parent after so many years. But it's all because he's precious to me. Isn't he, to you?

Maybe I'm getting the wrong vibe from you. Maybe you're just tired. Maybe too pissed at my parents for interfering the wrong way...

I still got sad because you didn't sound like you cared.

Like this triggered the night few years ago when you chided me for being a worrywart and went on to join your 'friendS' for a three day two nights chalet. With baby Isaac having the first fever of his life.

You can't afford mistakes like this... Mistakes that make me remember... Mistakes that dig up past pains that I'm fighting to heal... Yes, i can totally hear you say: " nothing I do is right", but Please understand how difficult it is for me to fight this freaking tendency to swing back to the past... I need your help, and nothing personal really.

I can imagine going home to a expressionless man, who couldn't wait for me to get out of his sight. I hate this part right here.

I hate it.

I know you are different now, but why does it not feel like it is sometimes?