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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maricel seems to be adjusting quite well. Very bright young lass who happen to cook well... At least it's to our liking.

The only problem was our dear Isaac, who had bailed on us last minute and decided that he isn't going to make a friend out of aunt maricel...

Ian, on the contrary, adapted quite well to having her around. He was all smiles at her by day two. He's gonna start infantcare next week, and it's good to know that he is more adaptive to changes than his shy big brother.

It's our wedding anniversary today. A day I don't really wanna remember; or rather, I'd prefer to create a new wedding anniversary day... He was already shouting at me and treating me with disrespect moments before our solemnisation years ago.

Then, my mother was already adding salt to the wound by asking me: " this is the man you're marrying?! Are you sure?"

Now she is still adding salt... Only more resigned to the fate that I was meant to suffer...

I'm digressing...

He's real sweet now. Even though the temper is still terrible (or worse)... He's really, really sweet.

I hope he'd create a new anniversary date soon... A day that is only filled with sweet memories, no pain, no tears.