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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maricel is joining our family this coming Saturday! Isaac is so excited. I've prepared a welcome gift for her and I'm going to get Isaac to help wrap the gift tonight!

I had been preparing Isaac for her arrival since the day we've picked her. He's seen her photo, liked get smile and clothes, even told me he wanted his mattress and hers to 'join' together - in his own words - 'no need to leave a gap in between'.

I guess it's nice to have someone else to listen to him talk other than two parents who are always preoccupied with daily stressors lolz.

I hope she would be nice too... And not give us too much trouble like what many detractors of "getting helpers" are saying...

I hope she won't miss her children too much... Poor girl - two kids around my sons' age group.

I hope chris would take the infringement of privacy gracefully...

Sigh. So many things to worry about. When are we going to quit worrying and enjoy coupledom?