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Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm not the only sad, pathetic being around. And most times, I forget this point. Darkness would always pass, pain would eventually subside. What's left after that, are what really matters. I hope I would look beyond that. I hope I'd never forget this... Because... I don't know if you've even been into the dark side... But it's scary when you're there...

Everything simply seems hopeless... sad and painful... Everything seems... to be ending. There is no happiness, no laughter, not even a single human touch could've entered to redeem your soul...

If you would just read what I wrote when I'm down in the dungeon... You'd catch a glimpse of what was.

It's insane, totally. I know. But this is what happens in my state of mind. I hope when I'm done with this life, someone somehow would be able to benefit from my writings... Maybe even as I write... Someone would somehow realize that he/she is not alone. That people do climb out from dungeons like these. That all is not lost.

Yes, you do climb out and fall back in several times thereafter, but at least... all is not lost.

We may be broken, dear friend... But definitely not beaten.