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Friday, April 16, 2010

I wonder... If I should ask him.

Sounds like a really bad idea but well, I know myself, always looking for trouble when trouble is not a-looking for me...

Ian has been babbling a lot recently, just today, he managed to successfully babble both "mama" & "papa"!!

It's just fluke, but pleasant to the ears; nonetheless.

Isaac's been pretty banged up recently, probably due to his throat... Watching him bond with his father made me remember again and again how far his daddy has come along... Since the days of nochalance. And the little one simply adores him. Eyeing him everywhere he roams in the house!

Me? Well I'm still stuck between the past and future, undecided which direction to head even though it's quite very clear where I should go.

Had spent a long hard night thinking and reflecting on my life with him(to date), and we got into a discussion the next morning about our relationship and where it's heading. I hope he truly understands what I'm driving at, so far, no actions taken... Sigh. Do I want closure? Definitely. And he's gotta give me one eventually.

Not holding my hopes high really. He's a rather persistent procrastinator....