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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Sir

My name is Samantha Teo, and my purpose in writing to you is to seek your help regarding parking issues.

I am residing at Compassvale Bow, block 264D. Every morning, my husband would take the car from the car park at block 264A and park it at the loading/unloading bay for a quick ten/fifteen minutes so he could come up the house to help me carry our two sleeping children (one 4 years old, one 7 months old) to the car. We have to send them to childcare before going to work, thus this usually happens quite early in the morning (between 6.30 to 7am). We have many residents doing the same routine as us at our block, so many a times we find the loading/unloading bay full. When this happens, residents; including my husband would park at the service road next to our block (where the rubbish chute is located).

We had no other options as carrying our two sleeping children to the car park (more than ten metres of walking) would be tedious and would wake the children up (we wanted to give them a little more sleep time). It has been uneventful for the past four years until this morning, when my husband and I were surprised with a parking ticket, for parking at the service road (this was one of the days where the loading/unloading bay was already full). The car was there for less than ten minutes, and we left immediately after packing the kids into the car.

We are extremely upset because I reckon the officers would be tolerant of a ten minutes block of road space, to allow parents to 'load' their kids into cars. Instead, we were 'slapped' with a fine of $100 for trying to answer the government's calling - to propagate - because even though its tough sending children to childcare centres in the wee hours of the morning; we find ways to cope and make our children as comfortable as possible (wake up later, walk less).

I beg you to see into this matter, and if need be, I'd dare to beseech you to help us annul the parking ticket, for we felt wronged by the reporting officer for reporting an offence that we do not think is true. Please, for a hundred dollars, I could've bought more books to educate my children, so that they grow up to be compassionate future leaders of Singapore; like yourself, Sir.

Below are details of our parking ticket and address:

Notice number: xxxxx
Vehicle number: xxxxxx
Date and time of offence: 15/04/2010 @ 0654hrs
Place of offence: service road next to block 264D Compassvale Bow
Reporting officer: Said Muhammed Bin Said A.

Vehicle registered owner: xxxxx
I/C number: xxxxxx
Address: xxxxx