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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is it with me??????

It's obvious he doesn't want a helper! And I keep thinking he needs one!!!!!

Look at how tired he is when I stop contributing to the chores!!!!

Look at how frequent he blows his top when he is so exhausted!!!!!! And I can't cope with it, chris, I can't!!!!! I'm facing too much stress and I can't cope with your anger!!!!!

I've stopped waking up at 4 to prepare breakfast and doing the chores because I want to show you the need for a helper... Instead you took over and made yourself tired!!!!! Oh my god I feel like screaming till I go dumb!!!!!

Why is it that we have to go thru the same argument till I'm made bonkers?!?!?!

Why can we just sit down and negotiate till a solution or compromise occurs?!?!?'

I don't and never liked procrastination!!!!! In fact I hate this word!!!!! I'm dying here anyone understands my dilemma here?!,!,?

I want a solution!!!!! But I can't do this without you!!!!!