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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tiring day... Went all over to get stuff for the clinic... Stuff that I can't get from vendors... Finally I'm done. Almost.

Now it's just waiting for business to pick up, which it already has, in fact. Tomorrow we're having 5 patients for a half day clinic session; followed by the public forum which would bound to create more business opportunities...

These forums are good.

But I wish I could stay out of them... Need my family time... Haven't been spending time with Isaac... And I sort of missed his chatty chatters every Sunday morning at Ikea; where we have our family breakfast... Now it's just Ian and chris on Sundays.. Cos Isaac is with GP and GM.

Chris is down with something, I bet he won't be in the mood to bring him home tomorrow evening, might just as well... I was hoping to check out domestic helpers at some agencies.

I hope this happens soon, cos I kinda really want to see him relieved of some major chores that'll tire him...

For me...? I'll simply enjoy more private moments with my favorite lover!!!

Minus the anger and frustrations.


I wish life would be easier immediately. I'm so exhausted... The mind is finding it difficult to lock the devil out...

And seize opportunity, the devil does.

So now I need to write this down to remind myself... That he is reborn and this new man loves me and no one else... Even though he still ogles at pretty women. Very very often.

Sam, you should be grateful he's doing what he's doing now; all for your sake and no one else.

I need to find a way to cement this thought inside my head; cos seriously, other than the anger; I have nothing to complain about.