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Saturday, March 20, 2010
System upload

Don't know what goes on in other private centres but I hear stuffs that are not very pleasant, are we expected to follow? I believe
not. I'm glad my doctor feels the same way, because I am extremely uncomfortable when it comes to cutting costs by cutting corners.

Our first surgery in TOGC was surprisingly excellent, considering that I spent the night and morning before dry-running it in my mind for the umpteenth time... Thinking that something is sure to go wrong. Okay, call mr a paranoid, whatever... But I really want to make it a point that our standards are comparable to any restructured institution.

Indeed, one does not appreciate the kind of system the institution has until one leaves the system to set up another. Sigh, I'm actually starting to roll in systems that I had actually hated when I was in one! Lol.

Ultimately, it's our conscience that did the talking at TOGC. I'm glad the conscience is morally sane.

Exhausted. From all the worrying and dry-running... Time to enjoy family time!!!