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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay. I think I'm going to kill myself if I go berserk one more time.

I told Chris I'd swear off binging on snacks, and I'll give myself three months of cold turkey... starting from the moment I finish off the left over snacks at home. ROFL.

He promised not to buy any to restock and tempt me... I hope he keeps his promise.

Bought him macarons from Bakerzin to thank him for holding my hand and not letting go. He was estatic; the macarons didn't taste as well as expected though...

Our new helper would be with us come early April... now I'm really having a headache as to what to prepare for her settling in... I'm so worried she'd be missing her kids... poor girl, she has two; a two yr old and a four yr old, just like Isaac.

Maricel. Her name. She sounded like a sweet, gentle lass over the phone interview.

I hope its not a facade....

Oh, and the new house application is underway. Haha... soon we'll stay so close to work, we might as well sell the car and walk.

We're forever so irritatingly overloading ourselves with stressors... Of all times, the helper, the search for a new residence, my new job (ok, I still need some time to settle down), the new baby (stop rolling your eyes at me; its only been 6months!), its no wonder we are always at loggerheads at every little eyesore.

I hope these go away soon. Because I love my man and I hate to be on the battlefield fighting him.

Ian is sort of facing some kinda crisis these days... crying and screaming most nights through... last night he only managed to fall asleep after I placed him prone on my chest. At 4am. Imagine how zombie-like I'd been the whole day.

My mother says there's a 'lady' downstairs who is 'hungry' and wants to be 'fed'.

She 'fed' her yesterday, but Ian still continued his crappy mood.

It's most probably just a milestone he's going through...

Then again... a lot of kids in my block of flat seem to be crying non-stop at night these days...

Do you believe in the supernatural?

I still think he's just teething or something.



I need to bathe in case he starts his crappy mood again. (it usually starts after 12mn)

I hope I get to SLEEP tonight.