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Monday, March 1, 2010
Of life, the mid-point, and getting there.

Chris is frustrated as I'm typing.

He's trying to configure our newly-bought iPhone and is experiencing some technical difficulties.

He's looking darn pissed and I dare not even ask.

Eventually Cougar Town on channel 5 saved the day.

Boobies alway... ALWAYS cheer men up.


My work was extremely hectic as usual. What's new?

I've got new colleagues in to work alongside me from today@@

I'm so glad Tha Zin is on board now. She's such a great help!

Now its all logistics and more logistics to clear and we're good to go. And the ISO audit is Wednesday. We will definitely pass.

I know I love my job when it feels like a blinking of an eye for 8 hours to pass.

And its happening everyday... I blink 28 times and I have my first paycheck from SMG. ROFL.

Digressing a little....

Chris has decided to give the helper a try (finally) after days of extreme tension between the two of us. I was a little hurt when he told me 'what if I insist on not getting a helper' - Totally wasting my time and saliva spent persuading. There was no room for negotiation all along. Then when I decided to shut down and wall myself up - he told me we'd look for agencies to check out the going rates for helpers.

I seriously think we have poor communication - better but still poor. Hopefully we'd improve over trial and errors like this.

(and not break up (**)||)

I applaud him for his understanding; yet beseech that he really sees my point and not do things because I want it that way. Otherwise... he's going to be a timebomb ready to explode any day from now... I can totally get that kinda feeling... helpless and deprived of an opinion.


The thing with marriage is... identifying the mid-point to meet and agree upon... is so tough. SO so tough.

Unless both parties really want it to work... either one would throw in the towel and give up.

I guess both of us have been through the "towel throwing mode" and are desperate to make this work... which explains the reason why we are still together (and searching for the mid-point).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's really meeting me at mid-point and not stopping short of his comfort zone... Please tell me if it really is, dearie... because I'm not pushing it if you are... I'll just walk closer to find your comfort zone... only if the terms include negotiation.

We'll get through this like the rest of our challenges right?

We will.