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Monday, March 8, 2010
News like this disgust me!

Jack neo and gang really disgust me. I mean go ahead, wash dirty linen in public; I do that all the time. Point is, why do all men stray???

Is there not one man in this world who'd stay devoted and monogamous? And these mistresses have the cheek to come forth and
do a tell-all?!?! Ridiculous!

Just like the mistress in my life story... She had the cheek to tell her boss she had an affair with a married colleague... To gain sympathy and help?! When I heard from her boss that she did that, I was appalled. I was even more appalled when her boss sided her. Then I realized that, for one, she might have been painting a nice victim picture of herself... And for two, her boss is sick in the mind. Hello, a third party, knowing full well that the guy she's sleeping with is married with a kid, knows exactly what kinda shit she's getting herself into! How victimized could she be?!

Anyway, I'll never forget the night her boss called me in the middle of the night to warn me not to tell my husband that she knows about the affair. I was wondering if she was using her authority to force me to forgive that mistress in question... Which I strongly think so...

I wish them all well... People who thinks the Mrs is nothing but a stupid fool who always forgive people who betray them... One day, it'll happen to them, or their loved ones... Wait till this day happens... And then you tell me if I should forgive that bitch.

She can die a zillion times; forgive me God, and it won't be sufficient to appease my anger. Yes anger. The anger that was born out of this episode and didn't go away ever since.

I wish I can curse her everyday, in her face. I wish she'd also go on papers like this Wendy Chong and gets cursed at by total strangers...

I wish... She'd never find happiness her whole life, and the next, and the next until the world cease to exist. I know this might just be possible... But I'll not live to see it.

Wendy Chong is such a slut... Just like every one else who sleeps with married men. I really question their intentions for doing so... Don't tell me it's love. PLEASE! Spare me the mushy bit!

It's never about love. It's money, thrill and downright bordom.

Fuck third parties!

Pardon my French.