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Thursday, March 18, 2010
Child education

I wonder why I'm never in a frenzy to make Isaac learn to read and write; I was never anxious about his speed in learning.

Not when he was a baby; not now... not ever. I believe that all kids have their own pace of learning to live life... to eat solids, to use the cup, to hold their bladder, to write their names. Isaac was never a stressed-out kid who feels pressurized to perform, and I'm proud of that.

I've always told him: it doesn't matter what happens in the end, what matters is that you have tried your best. He remembers, and he tells me that all the time. Just today, I chided myself for failing to play well at Frisbee Golf - Wii sports. And he reminded me that I shouldn't scold myself stupid and that I have tried my best.

I am SO proud of him.

I have always remembered the values that my dearest mother imparted to me when I was young; now, knowing that Isaac would have the same values somehow made me feel that I have given society yet another morally upright and dignified person. Not the most successful, but genuinely dilligent and dedicated to contributing to mankind.

I'm sure some of you may have already heard me say a zillion times... It doesn't matter what Isaac (or Ian - now that I have two kids) choose to do in future, they could become a busker in the MRT tunnel, but they would have to be the happiest ones in the world.

Life is too precious to worry about not being able to pass the exams and get a doctor's licence. I'd rather they do what they like and excel in it.

Am I being too lenient with my children? Maybe. Perhaps I won't have a lawyer son or a banker daughter (not that I have one to begin with), but I would die satisfied knowing that they have and will live fulfilling, contented lives.

Ian is six months and he knows how to take out his dummy, grab my food, call out to his granny when she stops singing to him - is this advanced development for a six month old?

I have no idea and I have no desire to know.

All I know is - I'm enjoying every moment of his development, no matter the speed - and grateful that he's born to me. No comparisons, no boastful-parent-syndromes for me. My children are unique individuals who try their best in all that they do - this - is enough for me.

I'm glad my mother made me out to be who I am now - and I'm certain my children will be too.