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Friday, February 19, 2010
You know what....?

I feel like an octopus. Period.

And I'm wondering why I could cope so well when every minute a new task is assigned to me before I could complete the old ones...

Maybe its new-girl-on-the-job syndrome.


Chris is snoring beside me. No time to make babies for now.

Or ever. For the record.

The constant typing of policies and procedures and SOPs and creating charts after charts is adding a strain to my already stiff shoulder.

I need a massage chair. Or a domestic helper to massage me daily. I swear I'd pay her tips if she'd do that.

Ah... the glory of daydream....

My throat hurts, and the fever is coming back... I'm wearing a thick jacket in the comfort of my warm house... I am so going to heat myself up till I perspire.

Why am I whining???