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Monday, February 8, 2010
Time management in progress

I'm totally bogged down by work.

And loving every minute of it... minus the lack of time for family.

Not to mention typing on a blog like this. I should really get down to managing the priorities and stuffs, cos I really wanna continue logging my thoughts like this.

Too many stuffs to update; too little time. Probably later... when the holiday comes, and the MOH inspection (and ISO audit) is done.

Now I've gotta wake Hubbie up so he can sleep properly on the bed instead of the couch... he fell asleep when I was massaging him and trimming his nails, can you believe how tired he was?!

And screw A-man (pronounced "eii-man"; as in "amen") for making a nuisance out of himself and giving my man undue frustration.

Geesh! I'm so loving this new job!