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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seriously. I need more time. More time to complete the unfinished work... and more time for romance.

Feeling so drained this moment... cos we practically spend all our other-available time squabbling... by the time we kiss and make up... its time to do other stuffs.

I can understand how tired he is after a long list today. But my day wasn't that rosy either. And it was LONG.

Wished we had gone to the gathering... then our friends would have given some wise advise to us pertaining to getting a ahem... helper.

I know I did say I'll give this topic a miss altogether, but really... how nice it would be if he'd just forget about the horror stories and seriously consider the pros of getting one.

I'd rather put my faith in the supernatural anytime... than having to worry about unfinished chores and messy pigsties. Faith that we'd get a good person who'd be our helper and friend, companion to our two children.

Faith that in the end, this good helper would prove to us that all the horror stories only exist when:

  1. There is a mentally challenged involved
  2. There is a serious lack of respect in either party
  3. There is contempt
  4. There is too much work
  5. There is too little care and concern

Do we really need to spend this money? Chris... I sincerely think so.

Imagine the times when we both were so stressed up and keep getting pissed at each other... this would've never happened if our work is lessened with help. Genuine help. Not half past six kinds who fly our aeroplanes sometimes.

Can we at least put faith in God that He'll take care to get a wonderful person we could eventually trust?

If not... I guess we'll have to make do with coping with family life instead of enjoying it.