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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I still have market value.


After signing my letter of appointment at Paragon yesterday, I went around shopping with a temperature of 38 degree Celsius (mine, not the weather) and a terrible body ache. Mummy was helping me with Ian for the afternoon, so I decided not to waste this free 'me-time' for retail therapy...

Anyway... I was walking while drinking from a bottle of water... and some of the water spilled over my dress. While I was busy wiping the water from my dress, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

Excuse me, but are you interested to be our company's model? I realise that you have the looks and height and our company would be delighted to have you as our free-lanced model. May I ask how old are you?

Erm... 28.

Well, the gist is... she went on about her company that she was representing -->imodelsholdings, requesting me to go online to check out her website to authenticate the whole darn deal and stuff, and that they'd like to call me if any projects suitable for me came up.

Thing is. I'm already 28. What do you do with a 28-year-old?

Anyway, I'm still glad she thinks I'm worth the effort. Even though I suspect she underestimated my age....

I know these agencies approach women in town, but mostly young (I was approached by one or two in my younger, hay days) sweet things, that's why the notion that she might have thought I was younger than the 28 I'd reported.

I doubt they'd call, but truthfully, I felt really good.

It's like how actors always proclaim that getting a nomination was good enough, winning is anything but a bonus... I felt the exact same sentiment.

I still look good for my age!

Even though I was all wet, and feverish... oh... maybe that's why... heheh.