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Tuesday, December 1, 2009
River of Life

I need to breathe, and relax.

From today... whatever the hidden issue I have towards life and family... is not going to stop me from becoming a better person.

Cummon! I'm the ever determined chick, how could I have forgotten?! No more anger, no more whining about what could have been.

The sun is shining in on me now, as I sit and type these beautiful words...

HE is telling me... good job for trying... but try harder. And this is what I'll do.

Yesterday was really the last straw... I have never, ever been rude or rowdy to a stranger in my life - I regret to say that that woman over the phone unfortunately, happened to be the first.

The air smells fresh from where I sit. I'm getting good vibes despite the fact that Isaac had a crying spate due to a nonsensical argument with his Daddy in the early hours of December the first. Despite that my life is still in a jumbled mess.

Despite all these atrocious disasters... I know HE is still walking alongside me.

I can feel my boiling, bloodcurdling anger simmer down to a gentle-flowing rate.

Anger management - its really all about letting go of the CONTROL you want in your life. I no longer wish to control anything now - no thank you - because by simply going with the flow - and not looking back - demands of me - a little less energy and effort, albeit more frightening.

Right now... I'm just going to enjoy the scenery and smell the flowers as I take the boat ride in the river of life. Who cares what's ahead of me, as long as I have with me, in this ride, the man I love.... really, really, really.