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Thursday, December 17, 2009

When can I go back to work? I'm dying from repetitive-household-chores-syndrome!

Speaking of which, I seriously think that housewives should get paid for their time spent beautifying their home and watching the kids. It's a tough job, really. And you think that we have all the time in the world since we are home the
whole day doing nothing.

For your information...
nothing equals
1. wake up at six in the morning
2. prepare breakfast for husband and children
3. get the laundry done
4. prepare milk feeds for the baby
5. bathe the baby
6. hang the laundry out to dry (I don't have a dryer)
7. sweep the floor
8. mop the floor
9. play with the baby
10. play with the baby
11. play with the baby (repetition really zaps my brain juice and fast forward me into demented mode!)
12. cook dinner
13. fold the now-dry clothes and put them back into the wardrobe
14. iron clothes
15. make baby sleep
16. make baby sleep
17. make baby sleep (this can go on forever... did I mention changing his diapers?!)
By this time... the man of the house would have returned from work and the lady looks almost disheveled and smells absolutely like stale vomit.

Okay, and so I was dilligently doing all of these stuffs in the first half of my maternity leave. Then I got really sick of it and decided to sit in front of the computer instead. And selectively chose certain items to do on different days. THEN I got even more sick of it and (for the past two days) decided not to do anything altogether (other than playing with, feeding, changing and making the baby sleep).

This is one freaking job I can never resign from... and it totally pissed me off... until my baby chuckles at me. He makes me want to do everything all over again. And again. And again. Until I get sick of it once more, another more, another more...

Someone freaking slap me out of this trance!