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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, December 3, 2009
My son

I just tried the bottle with Ian. He's really a champion! Managed to finished the bottle of expressed breastmilk(EBM) without much fuss!

This was his second try, the first was last Friday with Daddy Chris, and he managed about 20mls worth of EBM then. He's a really good adaptor and acceptor of change, I should say.

An epitome of a role model baby.

Having the spunk and zest for life that even I, as a mother, is ashamed of not having.

He's definitely not an accidental conception. He's the work of the Greater Being destined in this life to show - and prove what happiness in life really is - growth, change and contentment.

I have no doubt - I have more to learn from this spunky little guy called my son.