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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Mother of all infidelity

Paranoid. Super paranoid.

I reckon this paranoia is going to last years... considering how insecure I still feel despite all that has been done.

One look, one hesitant look I get and I just crumple.

Is this how other women feel with their other halves? Those who actually survived the ordeal?

Do the third parties even care? And they think its even news-worthy enough. I'm referring to the recent Tiger Woods' string of affairs. No one even bothers if his wife is holding up good. The mistresses actually become famous, and get lots of attention. What is the world coming to?

I can picture the poor wife having sleepless nights with crying fits 24-7, watching her children while wondering if it was wrong of her to even bring them to this cruel world. I can almost see her not eating like she used to. And the worst... the shower. The best place to remember all the heart-breaking things that bastard did to her.

Not to mention how dirty she felt despite never having sex with more than one man in her life... because that bastard gave it to her. Would she contract some deadly STDs that'd ruin her already crumpled life? Afterall... mistresses are loose women who sleep with married men... and her bastard husband slept with more than one... do the sums.... and you get a major risk for STDs!

Someone should really hold her hand and cry with her a little while.

Rather than wonder if she'll get more money out of alimony or staying married to that Woody bastard.