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Friday, December 11, 2009
it happened because...

Maybe one day, when I've gain back all of my confidence that crumpled... I'll learn that nothing is more beautiful than having a forgiving heart.

What's being skinny and having big doe eyes gotta do with marriage... except superficial lust and dangerous liaisons?

Not that I'm complaining though. Always beats having an auntish look.

Its really superficial to be engrossed with issues as these when people are dying from Nature's wrath and suffering from man-made tragedies.

Read about 'child prostitution' few days ago, and I cried at the writer's narration of a four year old's sufferings. Cummon! It's a freaking four-year-old for Pete's sake!

The blank look in her eyes... the desperate cry for love and redemption... how could mankind be so cruel to our descendants?! Children are innocent and full of trust... and adults abused that trust they have...

Sometimes... reading these stuffs make me feel so petty fussing over my less than tragedious tragedy. Its just... that I can't get out of the circle of self-indulgent victimisation of my mediocre life.

Then I thought about the father who used his body to shield his son from the falling boulders caused by earthquakes... and I understand why God made life this way. Rather than asking 'why me?'... I should be asking what should be learned. The son, when he finally grows up... will learn of his dead father's unconditional love for him... and not the reason why he's left orphaned and alone in this world. The girl... will learn that life has many more things to look forward to... and she will eventually find the love she deserves, all because she had tasted the love she didn't deserve.

And from Chris' words literally: it happened so that I can learn to love you better.

Now is the time you cry.