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Saturday, December 26, 2009
Consolidation: days of my imperfect life

Sigh, don't know what I've been busy with recently, haven't been updating my site for the longest time.

Then again, I've been physically updating myself the whole time! *cackles like a witch*

And so I've reached the 44kg mark, still going down south. Chris was afraid I'd disappear soon... I am troubled too. The weight seems to go off a little faster after I've reached 45. But I've been consciously trying to eat something to maintain the current status... because I seriously think I'm anorexic.

I know my perceived-self is totally distorted.

I see a chubby old woman in the mirror all the time. And Chris has been nagging at me to bathe everyday... because I hate to see my big fat naked body whilst in the bathroom.

Alas! There are actually times when I feel skinny. And I think having an insightful mind could make me fight a winning battle with this sneaky situation. At least I know there's something wrong. Not like I'm not doing anything about it. Sigh!


Oh, oh and oh! My new DSLR!

Okay, not exactly mine anymore. Chris has claimed sovereign to that divine thing.

But I get a good bargain... he'd take more pictures of me then, and I get to feel pretty. *claps hands in zest*

The guys and gals are coming over for a post-Christmas feast tomorrow. Small gathering, but meaningful... after what happened the other time we were supposed to gather...

So many things to write about... I'm all jumbled up inside my brain!

There's another thing to look forward to after all the festivities... I'm going back to work! Finally!

First back to my old place for slightly less than twenty days to finish off my notice... then to a fancy new place to start working like nobody's business! I love being bogged down by work that I love. I'm surprised that my passion for theatre work and nursing has not diminished over the years. I had expected myself to throw in the towel after five years, and look where I am now... all seasoned up but still raring to go.

I hope I'd meet interesting people in my new work place, nothing beats challenges and the adrenaline rush of learning.

Oh, oh and oh again! Another digression!

I just wanna write this down here so I'd never forget... erm.. not that I'll ever forget... Chris did the best thing in the world on Christmas day. Totally knocked my socks off of me! Can't write the details though... too sleazy.

I love the way he behaves now... totally awesome! I was just telling him yesterday of how much he'd changed... his temper is very much controlled compared to two years ago... besides that... he's becomed more open and less reserved. Surprises me all the time with stuff that make me blush.. can you believe that? If he could make
me, (a woman who doesn't even bat a eyelid at the word penis,) blush, then he's gotta be doing something radical. Totally.

Can't let all your imaginations run wild though... *grins like a little girl*

I don't need a perfect life; mine is less than perfect... but it's good enough.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!