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Thursday, December 10, 2009
career heights

I'm one signature away from my new job.

The future looks bright, yet I can't help but notice the dark clouds above me right now.

Leaving my present job would mean abandoning a lot of unfulfilled obligations I have towards my bosses... the commitment I've vowed to give.

But it's all not meant to be.

I mean... how can one resist taking her career to greater heights? Okay, so I was promised 'greater heights' by my boss, in fact, it was actually in due course... but this new 'greater heights' comes with better view, and fresher air.

I was totally blown away. Literally.

Besides, I'll be doing what I've always love... surgical works and stuffs... and my companion at work is equally lovely.

Weigh the pros and cons! You tell me.

Aside from lesser benefits that I don't even claim from my current job... what other cons could I think of?



So there! I'm leaving. Leaving a place I've called 'home' for seven long years. Leaving a place that gave me opportunities I've rejected. Leaving a place... that I'll miss.

A lot of anguish going on inside of me right now... and for the past few days... tried to find every reason possible to stay. I couldn't. Too bad.

Because I would have stayed if there was even one little reason to.

Blame it on loyalty.