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Saturday, December 5, 2009
Appreciate life

Just wrote a ridiculous entry in my private journal.

I seriously think that there is something wrong with my psychological make-up. And I need to talk to someone about it... but I wonder who....

Anyway... this week had been great. I managed to subdue my anger demon (or Chris's), and I did not think about bad things; save this one time last night. Oh cummon! It was only for a few seconds!

I think I'm gradually in the path of forgiveness, finally. And its for real, not the 'I forgive but I can't forget' type of forgiveness. Its the 'I forgive and I remember but its okay' type.

Helps when you have most things going great for you in life.


So weak.

So what if things aren't going great? You can't expect smooth sailing all the time right?

I gotta remember this. So that even if I'm facing a turbulent in the river of life... I can still make time to smell the flowers.

And appreciate what I have.