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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Utterly nonsensical ramblings

There's so much sadness these days, I kinda forgotten how to be happy.

Believe me, this is really an understatement.

I cannot even - for a brief moment - force a smile from my default sad face. Except when there are people around. Funny thing is, Chris can always see through the disguise. Sometimes, I'm kinda tired of him being able to 'read my mind'. Sometimes, I think he may not even be reading it correctly - its just that I'm conditioning myself to believe; and think, what he wants me to think.

Alright, forget about what I'd just said. Pure incoherence.

Everyday I vow to think positive and every night it ended in failure. Its really getting to me. I mean the failure. Seems to me that I've been failing ever since...

See what I mean about my rambling? I'd better stop here. Before I say something silly and regrettable again...

Queensovereign - out.