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Friday, November 13, 2009
The past in the present... and who knows future?

I fall in love with Fish Leong every time I listen to her songs. She has the power to do that to me, imagine that!

Her songs... her voice... the melodies she soothingly hums... send chills to my spine.

I'm digressing right from the start of my post, haha.. Actually I meant to post about this wonderful man who raises his only daughter alone, cos his wife had died during childbirth. This is so sad right? To lose your wife at the same time gaining a little bundle of joy...

To rejoice or cry?

I saw him on the set of Rachel Ray show, and went to read his blog, not very recently updated, probably busy with Madeline... I cried, damn it. He was in so much pain... that particular entry... yet he had to carry on with life like it didn't matter... cos of Madeline. And it reminded me yet again, how much of the past still lingers in the present. How much strength one needs to strut through the stuffs that will and forever remain stagnant, past, present or future. Like memories, places, and people.

I'm crying again, for him, for Madeline, and for his late wife, Liz.

You can do it Matt, I can do it too.

We can all do it...