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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Of Mars and Venus

Men want to come home after a day's hard work to a clean home, happily settled kids and a cheerful wife.

Women want to see their men come home a grateful soul, help out with chores kids, spend time together, with energy on an extreme high still.

Tsk tsk... Men and women, this is impossible.

Be realistic, your husband has had a hard day, all he wants to do is eat, sit at the computer desk/watch TV/sleep and most of all... keep quiet.

And men, your wives can't settle the kids by themselves... they've got another dozen tasks awaiting them... and oops! They haven't even settled themselves! No bath, no rest, no TV show to watch. How can they still remain cheerful as we speak? The only thing is that the house is at least decently cleaned.

Oh this scenario is enacting and reenacting everyday in most households. It seems like a never-ending low grade movie irritating the eyes and brains of everyone...

Is there any way Men and Women can ever live together in peace?