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Monday, November 9, 2009
Of all evil sins ~ ANGER

Professionals say women cry when they're depressed, and men get angry when they are. Is it true?

If it is really, then I'll accept anything come what may.

I have three male species living under one roof with me... imagine the amount of anger I'll have to face twenty years down the road... horrendous!

How do I cope when faced with an angry person? Do I shun, smack, smirk or sympathize?

You know I've always loved the wonderful story of Beauty and the Beast. Not because it was a fairy tale with a happy ending (I'm not really the typical pink-loving gal who desires happy endings all the time), but because it has taught me a valuable lesson on life and love.

The way Beauty coped with the angry Beast and how she managed to get rid of his hatred and anger within him... and transformed him into a prince charming (which he originally was anyway, just that anger consumed him).

I've always wanted to believe that I can be that Beauty (not in the aesthetic sense)... I wish to learn how to expel anger from a person and make that person notice the beauty around him, and then he'll discover how beautiful he actually is, too.

The amount of hatred and resentment blinds a person, and he doesn't know that he can't move on from the past.

Well, of course, if a woman can't move on from the past, she'll cry like I always do. A man... he feeds his anger with more anger and finally poisons himself silly (thus becoming an ugly, violent beast).

This is when women throw in the towel and call it a day. But that wasn't what Beauty did.

She reciprocated violence with love,

anger with acceptance

and hatred with forgiveness.

To me, she is the bravest woman on the planet of make-believe and hopefully, there are really women out there who do that to their men.

I'm trying very hard to be one. Sometimes I succeed, other times, I fumble and tumble.

I'm glad he sees my efforts, but I don't think I did good enough.

The resentment stems deep for two decades... maybe its too hard for me to neutralize. Maybe, I'm not as strong as Beauty was. Maybe, a woman like Beauty doesn't even exist in this world....

But I didn't say I was giving up!

This is a time a lay person asks for strength from the supernatural.

This is a time an inconspicuous earthling prays to God and hope he hears her.

This is a time... when she is glad she's not quitting.