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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Moo Moo

So the old lady on the MRT was so keen on Ian. Too keen.

How old is he?

2months, going 3.

How long has he been smiling at you?

*???* You mean when he started smiling at me or...?

Ya, ya.

Oh, two weeks ago I guess. Cute huh?

Ya. You feeding breast milk?

Yes. Save money. And very healthy for baby. *baby starts whining, sucking fist*

He's hungry. Feed him.

No its fine. I've just fed him before we board the train. He's just sleepy. *more sucking*

See! He's really hungry. Never drink enough. Feed him lah.

Its fine, aunty. He's really just sleepy.

How you know?


Oh, I've been with him since he's born, so I guess you just know. *s##@@uetqejz##!%*

*Ian fell asleep*

See aunty, he's just tired. *Point proven*

What is wrong with people and their mindset thinking that breastfed babies are always hungry?!?! They are not okay...

... especially when you have a cow for a mother.