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Monday, November 2, 2009

Isaac is such a dear, yet a pest at the same time...

The one big issue I have with him is... he doesn't seem to listen.

Most times when the adults tell him things, he ignores them through and through.

One day, I decided to penalize him for ignoring. I told him how he doesn't have ears and that I was going to cut off his ears with a pair of scissors.

"No! I am listening!"

"Then why aren't you moving your butt? Its time for dinner, go to the dining room."

And he went, sulkily.

Then there was this one time, he suddenly said to me, "Mummy are you listening, you said I don't listen you also never listen right? I listen but you never. But I never want to cut your ears..."

.... (*-*)||

And there was this other time when I asked if I could go take a bath while he sleep alone in his bedroom... he ignored my question as usual...

Then I got fed up and threatened the 'cut off his ears' routine again...

"I told you you can go but hurry up right? I told you but you never listen!"

The thing is... he never utter a single word before that indignant speech. Nothing!

He's killing me, I tell you.

Yes, the thing about discovering their state of autonomy at preschool age yada yada...

But how long is it going to last?!