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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I received the divine product today. Am so going to try it out tonight.

Apparently it works in two weeks minimum. It came with a cute little pouch. Very nice. Hope its well worth the money... since we're broke and I'm still spending on frivolous things like eyelash growing serums...

And not to mention my brows... I'm finally going to grow some(more)!

Chris... I'm sorry I really have to do this. It's a girl thing. I know you think I'm pretty enough, but its never too much right?

I want lashes just like you and Isaac and Ian. I'm the only one in our family not having thick and luscious lashes. Ok, so they're long, but so what? They're balding with every crimp I subject using the curler. &(--)&

Eee... I'm so. EXCITED!