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Monday, November 30, 2009

I just fucking blew it again.

Pardon my French... but I really need to curse for a little while.

I was calling to confirm that the last day of order for our dinner delivery was going to be today... and the fucking woman over the phone kept insisting that I need to give them three days notice in advance to terminate! First:

1) doesn't your employer teach you to let the customer finish talking and not to interrupt? Its fucking rude to keep interrupting my every sentence do you fucking realise that?!
2) my receipt says precisely that service of dinner delivery is from 2/11/09 till 30/11/09 - this is the end of contract - I did not terminate it. Its only courtesy of me to call to remind you not to send the fucking lousy food over to my house!
3) And what is it about your fucking tone of voice? Like I owe you money? Didn't I fucking pay you at the start of our fucking contract? Today IS the last day of my fucking CONTRACT with you.

Oh, people, you so are not going to have any sort of association with this fucking company: ME* HAO99. In case they are suing me for defamation, FUCK YOU, cos did you see the "*" I've so painstakingly typed in replacement of a single fucking letter? It can mean 101 other companies other than yours, okay?!

Digressions asides.. so I was fucking shouting my ass off at the fucking woman at the other end of the telephone line.

She was completely stunned - I know because she went from fucking noisy to total silence.

I told her to piss off and stop sending us food cos we're not going to pay after today. (well, as if I'm going to eat today's food - it might have your pee in it if I'm not careful!) And the fucking terms and condition is a total scam - three days in advance for TERMINATION OF CONTRACT? I did not TERMINATE. IT HAS ENDED> FINISHED> COMPLETED ITS DUE! Because you had fucking stupidly added the CONTRACT PERIOD onto the fucking receipt! 2/11/09 - 30/11/09 okay? So you had already known 20 days in advanced that the contract would TERMINATE on the 30/11/09, fucking asshole!

This entry is so not me - I had never cursed this badly in my journals my entire life - I've always thought words are too beautiful to be written in vulgarity.

I'm telling you, its my anger. I am definitely going crazy.


Oh! Stop it already, Sam!

Pls do not judge me as I am in this post. I'm totally off the line on this one. Otherwise, I'm a meek, obedient, law-abiding citizen who'd never think of cursing on a blog entry.