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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I wonder if its all worth the wait.

To stake out and hold on till the sun rise again.

The darkness that ensues suffocates...

Slamming fear in your face again and again in repeated waves.

All the time you know full well that only you and you alone can create that fear...

and darkness is all but a delusion; that sunrise is already here.

I want so much to take a deep breath and smell the dew that accompany that sunrise... to spread the news that sunrise is here...

If only you can see past the delusion... and that there is nothing to fear.

If only waiting is not solitary... that one-man-wait is replaced with a companion... A companion to share the darkness, the fear, and the anticipation for light at the end of the dark, cold tunnel.

A tunnel that is nothing but a whimsical myth; or very real, and unnerving?

Would the two persons, when finally agreeing to disagree... then see the folly of their ways?

I can't make you see light, but I can hold your hand till you finally do.

I can't take away the fear, but I can lessen it by my gentle caress.

God will relinquish my strength eventually; when I've learned the lesson of forgiveness...

HE hears me, this I know.