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Sunday, October 18, 2009
What's your love language?

Mine is... to have physical contact and spending quality time together. Note that the key word is QUALITY. Not just spending time, but actually making full use of the time to interact and find out more about each other.

Chris's love language is - doing stuffs for your loved ones and of course, like any other men - physical contact. This means As long as I make sure I do stuffs for him, he feels love and I would score points in his 'love bank account'. The physical contact is not a problem since we both carry the same love language - cuddling, kissing, hugging, and the birds and the bees - they all count.

Chris has been doing stuffs for me all the time, cos this is what he's apt at, its his language - but it wouldn't move me, cos my heart doesn't understand this language - its crying out for 'quality time'.

I felt neglected - and told him today.

Its our first quarrel in like... four, five months?

Felt odd. And depressing. But it did end well. At least we resolved our issues and moved on a happier couple.

I have this sentiment because while having our dinner at Tampines1, we witness a bickering couple in their most awkward moment - stonewalling (not speaking to each other). The guy was playing at his PSP, while the woman was tearing tissue papers and making a mess out of the dining table. Incidentally, the guy looking absolutely petrified of his girlfriend and the girl looked like a crazed woman with a Rudolf's nose.

This stonewalling went on for ages, and even as we've finished our dinner and left, they were still not talking to each other.

Their issue wasn't solved, and they had the worst dinner of their life - I bet the burger didn't taste good and their drink was most probably bitter. (maybe in the girl's case it might taste salty since she was mixing her tears into the beverage...)

I told Chris I was glad we talked things out, and he agreed; thinking aloud that quarreling in public, especially in a dining area is an unsightly and messy business to settle.

I remembered we did that once or twice - and we ended up gobbling our food up in anger - and record time somemore! I don't know about him, but my food tasted absolutely atrocious. On hindsight, I should have just thrashed it out before we started dining - such a waste of good food, tsk tsk.

Whatever it is, I'm glad Chris understood my point that he had to love me in my language and not his, and I'm simply ecstatic that he actually was willing to compromise on the very issue I was relentlessly harping on - speding time with me - he said that he would be willing to spend at least one hour everyday with me - just me - no computer, no gaming, no TV. All these, despite having work and the kids to handle.

I think he's sure as hell sweet as sugar! Love him to bits.

He's definitely a changed man. And I didn't change him (no woman can change a man)- he did it all by himself.

So proud of him... (^-^)