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Sunday, October 25, 2009
Today's weather: CLOUDY

I'm feeling moody.

The serotonin did not work on me.

God, is there any reason why people can't look forward more often? Or better still, why can't they just look forward all the time?

Yeah, and I can imagine my kids all grown up, having their own families, and its just Chris and I left in the house, how nice.

Then I remember, we'll have nothing to talk about, nothing to do together, nothing at all... then it got a little scary. He'll do his own stuff and me, mine. Or better still, we'll do our own stuff with different people. Anyone but each other. Oh, that terrible nightmare. Maybe it'll be better if I remain moody and not look forward for now... at least not until my serotonin level increases.

I'll try. I'll try very hard.