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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm so so glad Chris' degree study is finally over!

At least there is one less issue for him (and me) to worry about!

The past week hadn't been very pleasant... I got irritated at the slightest hiccup. And Chris bore the brunt of it. Upon deeper reflection, and after deciphering (its hard to understand him at times, especially when I'm pissed) what he said to me last night, I finally understood that it was really me who had some unresolved issues.

Couldn't write it here.

Anyways, life has gotta go on despite my occasional relapse. I should be thankful he doesn't find me a chore to cope.

On a different note....

Infantcare has no vacancies until MAY next year. That means Ian can't get in till May! We are contemplating tentatively residing him at the infantcare downstairs where we live, but its more expensive.

The bugger of a principal at LV is really not very helpful. No wonder the teachers are leaving one by one. What is wrong with her? Attitude.

Incidentally, Isaac seem to be having a fun time at LV. Just the other day when I went to pick him up from childcare, he was actually conversing with Evan, one of his classmates. Its fun to see two interlectually abled midgets chit-chatting about the day's event. They look so cute!

Ramblings asides, Isaac was telling me that Evan's mummy's name is Evangeline. (I know because we're colleauges) and I thought it was pretty cool that he remembered such a big word and its not even his own mummy's name! So I ask him for my name...


Not even the full name.

I'm so ashamed.

Maybe he was just trying to be funny, but well, guess its still pleasing to know that my mobile number is the only one he remembers, and dial well.