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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Of Love and Obsessions

Chris and I finally picked up the little glass bottle and did the love notes to fill it up last night.

Its supposed to be done like... more than half a year ago? Human are really a procrastinating lot of lazy bums....

Ok, explanations.

These love notes are actually favours we want of each other; written onto and picked from the glass bottle every week. You get my drift right? Well, for the blur-headed... If I picked a favour today that says 'massage my back', Chris would have to massage my back for me. If he picks a favour that says 'dance naked', I'll have to dance naked for him. SOunds kinky? But in actual fact, we have more of practical favours than kinky ones... the latter being mostly out of my doings, hahah.

We had a fun time filling the bottle up with favours, and we had a good laugh over what was written and what was being hoped to be written!

Chris had wanted to write: 'let me do some gaming', which I flatly refused. Well, its supposed to be favours that increases couple interaction, gaming practically kills the mood!

Seriously, I can't wait to start the Favour Game! Woohoo!

On a different note...

I am considering getting my eyebrows embroidered, dark eye circles lightened and tummy tightened (the excess skin that sags is smothering me!) Gotta go to some beauty salon to check out the price. I. Must. Look. Pretty.

Did I mention I'm still 6kg away from my 44kg ideal weight? Sucks when you have a husband who keeps compelling you to eat! Arrgh! This is a time when I wished my depression is back so I can totally reject food. Check out my slimming regime:

Breakfast: cereal with raisins and fresh milk (one small serving)

Lunch: (sometimes none) One slice of bread (with cheese/nutella), or one small cup of steamed corn kernals

Teabreak: (imagine that! Tea break for a dieter?!) an apple, one bottle of chicken essence

Dinner: one table spoon of vegetable/meat, one small bowl of clear soup

Supper: (most of the time none) one glass of milk for lactating mothers, one bottle of berry essence

Note: water consumption and breastfeeding is continuously ongoing.

This is how I went from 62kg to the current 50kg. Of course notwithstanding the fact that Ian, his placenta, amniotic fluid and some blood loss during delivery lightened me up a bit.

Sheesh! The rate I'm going, I wonder if I'm ever going to be able to fit into my double XS nurses' uniform when I return to work next January!

Nevertheless, 44kg is so going to be my eventual weight, it's irrevocable. Inexorable. Inescapable. Without a doubt.

I. Am. So. Obsessed.