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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
♥ LOVE ♥


You shouldn't be thinking that you are suffering...

If you feel miserable, you haven't love enough.

Love is self sacrificial, asking nothing in return, not even for THE ONE to love you back. If there is any hint of wanting more from THE ONE... then you love yourself more than you love THE ONE.

How much truth is in what I've just written?

I really don't know.

Is there really someone who can love without asking for anything in return? Even if it means heartbreak and tears?

I try, very hard. Cos I wanna believe that I truly love him more than I love myself. Sometimes I succeed, other times, I fall back into the little black hole that asks to be loved in return.

I'm inconsistent, however I do think its really human to want to feel loved. Even animals do.

Would I die for him? Maybe. Is it silly? Most probably not. Love is blind, they say.

I told him I wanted to be his guardian angel, if he's happy, I'll be. Even if he's not by my side. Even if it means his true love isn't me.

Its just words. But I would have done it. Even if it hurts. Even if it means the end of our journey.

There shouldn't be hate, or resentment, but why do I sometimes feel I couldn't let go? I'm human, after all.

Love is a big word. Most people think they know love, but they don't know the half of it.

You may hurt now... but when another one comes along, you fall in love again. This may be a trying time, its when friends and family become important again. This is not true love. True love shouldn't hurt... not.

Truth is. True love does hurt. It hurts when you realise you've given up your right to be selfish. It hurts when you love deeply. It hurts even more when you lose the love you think is love.

How may times can people fall in love in a lifetime? Can you fall in love even though you're already with someone? If so, is this love? Or lust?

Could it be lust all the while?


All I know is... love transcends lust. Love becomes pale or even colourless after marriage; without the lust... but its still there... quietly sitting in a corner waiting to be noticed.

I saw it when the crisis occurred. It's begging to be picked up and cradled once more. It's asking to be fed food and water, to be given unconditional attention, to live again.

We nurture love. If not it wouldn't stay visible for very long. And then you'd forget about it and think its not there anymore.

Someone else comes along and with excitement and lust adding color... you think you found love again... this time in another person. And another. And another.

And the one true love is still quietly waiting in the corner of your heart... waiting for you to return.

In this world where infidelity is so rampant, I wonder how many finally realise that love is there all along... Boring and colorless because of neglect.

I'm so reminiscent today...

Of my love, of others' love.

Of the kind of lust you call love.

Of the love that doesn't see responsibility.


Such a simple word...

Yet full of mystery and complexity.

Do I really know love?

Maybe not.