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My Tw|t Garden
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Housewifing around

So I cleared up the study room a bit.

Actually, it looked like A LOT!

Chris had recently cleared it up a teeny weeny bit, but I thought it looked the same, so I had it revamped. A cozy corner to watch DVDs in... the same corner for his gaming escapade, another nook for my sewing machine.

Small change, but big difference!

Hope he likes it.


I just had the biggest scare of my life.

I had laid Ian in the cradle for his nap, and I went on to do my chores. Then I heard him grunting and making funny noises, not really crying... so I actually ignored him a bit. After some time, he maintained that funny noise, and I started to get a little worried, so I went to check him out...

His beanie pillow had actually covered his whole face and he couldn't breathe or cry properly! I guessed he had shoved the pillow in his own face since I used it to hold his hands down.

Its horrible to think that the pillow would actually have suffocated him if I decided not to check on him! I still shudder at this thought!

Thank God for making me check on him. Really.