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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Girl watching

I was so pissed today...

Well... logically speaking I shouldn't be so overwhelmed by this phenomenon of 'girl watching', wives and girlfriends get it all the time, don't you? Still, I couldn't help but feel horrible today.

Chris brought me window shopping today. It's actually been a while since we've been to Orchard Road - it has kinda up-scaled a little, I've noticed - and boy, there were so many things to see and buy.

You know you sometimes get this 'you were here with me but I'm still missing you' syndrome from men; well I get it most when we're out. Its like I'm totally an inconspicuous object walking next to him.

Yeah, he'll be talking to you alright - in fact, its just murmuring a sympathetic answer to you - but most of the time, his eyes - and heart - are somewhere else: on other women.

This is usually tolerable for me, as I do girl watch as well. I like pleasant views, and Singapore girls are actually quite a pleasant sight. But digressions asides, I do HATE it when he girl watch and pretends that he's NOT.

I mean, come on! If you wanna do it, be gracious about it! What's with the "No, I was looking at YOU" theory? I really don't buy it.

I'm sure girlfriends out there would be more than happy to share with you a big boobie or a pretty face - just share the view, guys - what's the problem?

It's way much better than the sneaky, averting eyes and embarrassed, guilty look when we catch you looking.

Some tips though:

Tip no. 1: DO not ogle. Girlfriends are human after all - and they do get jealous

Tip no. 2: Be realistic. You can't girl watch like ALL THE WAY - spare your woman some attention. A gentle touch, some undivided attention for a few minutes - it makes us feel better

Tip no. 3: Be discreet. Its so embarrassing to have the girls whom you watch realise that you're watching them - its a little bit of disgrace when the girls 'being watched' kinda sneer at you for having a DOM (dirty old man)as a partner.

Tip no. 4: Do not deny that you are girl watching. A BIG no no! Women are sensitive creatures, and they really KNOW when you are not totally into them. Forget about the lame excuses of 'she happened to be in my line of vision as I was looking at you'. Too lame. And too cheesy. Its really confounding how men can come up with such lame justifications... zzz....

Anyway, the moral of the story is - Chris usually shares his girl watch with me, but there was this one time at a shoe shop, he decided to come up with lame excuses and denied watching (a really pretty girl), I got really mad at him. So to spite him, I bought a head band that costs $12.90 - it was really unnecessary and a splurge - more importantly, it annoyed him to see me buy it.

I was already very kind - women actually buy a Gucci purse or a piece of Goldheart jewelry to spite their men you know?

Blame it on my soft heart and stingy nature.

And oh, before I forget - ladies, do yourselves a favour - be nice to the men when they girl watch - it makes them think you are SO cute to allow this - and then they'll turn their attention on you just to demonstrate their gratitude.

Its a win-win situation. Really.